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Jenna Wilford

Age: 19

Jenna desperately wants acceptance across the internet and be famous. The problem is that she has no idea how to do it.

First appearance: #1 Wanna see my pussy?

Number of appearances: 111

Martha Gilson

Age: 18

Life-long friend of Jenna. Sarcastic, headstrong, and a little sadistic sometimes. Values her friendship with Jenna, but really doesn't care about her blog.

First appearance: #3 ALS Challenge

Number of appearances: 33

Guinevere Wilford

Age: 37

The loving mother of Jenna, but delights in embarrassing her daughter at great lengths.

First appearance: #11 Hello Mother

Number of appearances: 9

Anwen Wilford

Age: 13

Jenna's younger sister. She's a fangirl of everything.

First appearance: #19 Magic Love Ai Kawai

Number of appearances: 13

Jim Thrift

Age: 15

Nick's cousin and friend of Jenna.

First appearance: #104 Fishing

Number of appearances: 11

Nick Catzim

Age: 22

Acquaintance to Jenna. She decided to be his friend simply because he said he was a homosexual. A rather average guy.

First appearance: #80 Gay Friend

Number of appearances: 3

Social Media Blob

Age: NA

The personification of all negative social media opinions squashed together to make one maniacally ignorant and over zealous blob.

First appearance: #67 Social Media Blob

Number of appearances: 5

Madison Senna

Age: 26

Assertive friend of Jenna. Has sexual interest in women and is anything but shy, so she seems to like spending a lot of time with the girls...

First appearance: #166 Job Interview

Number of appearances: 8